Q&A Thyself

Answers are such an important part of our life because they determine how our life is going to develop, are we going to progress or not and how far we can go.

But the problem is that answers seem to be far more important than the questions. Answering vital questions is not about long, hard thinking, as it should be. Questions make us uncomfortable, so we ask others: friends and family, social media, internet, and books. And that is ok for a start, but the problem is that more often than not, this is also the end.

We are uncomfortable when we are asked a question we don’t know the answer to. We feel ashamed, angry, we feel like we don’t know enough, we are not smart enough or not educated enough. Questions make us feel weak, confused and unstable. But questions are also the ones who push us to look, to think, to understand ourselves. Questioning and answering vital questions (and less vital ones) is the way to know who we are. Think about it, if all of our answers are coming from other people, how can we know who we are and what we want?

The only way to progress is to start questioning. Ask yourself questions, look for answers, enjoy in the search for your own meaning, your own progress. Because questions might be unstable, but they are also keeping us young, energetic and active. Progress and self-growth are not about answers that are all the same, it is about authenticity. Only you know what your answers are. Because answers are the end, they are closing us in a box. They are safe, they are routine, but they are also closure. Once there are no more questions, there is no more vitality, no more passion.

The worst thing that happens to all of us is that we adopt other people’s answers without even realizing it. Our surroundings are influencing us, and us, being so keen to please everyone, take their answers. We adopt their point of view and stop answering for ourselves. Maybe we never had. Parents, family, then friends, school, tv and advertisement, social media and our idols. They are all offering us their answers and so very often we take them without questioning.

But these answers are the ones that form our identity. They are vital to who we are but they are not even our own. So we are not really who we are… Paradox. This is why we have to start asking ourselves questions and answering them for ourselves too. It is not a race, it is ok if you don’t know. Take your time. Just don’t give responsibility to other people. It is your life and it is your progress that is on the line. Make it count!

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