The Creativity Secrets

Being creative has always been an important part of human life, but lately, we can hear people saying that being creative is hard, they are not capable of it and they have to learn how to be creative. How come? Aren’t we born creative? We are, but we often forget about it. Or we have a wrong interpretation of what is creative. And the world of internet and social media where we can compare ourselves to anyone doesn’t make it any easier.

Nevertheless, creating is not about being original as so many of us think. Because everything reminds us of something, everything we have already seen before in one way or another. So instead of trying to be original, let’s be authentic. Being authentic means being you, expressing your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. You are one of a kind and once you work on the idea and make it a reality, this will feel original. And will be appreciated.

So why even go to the trouble and try new things if we cannot be original? Because creating makes us happy. That is all!

Do what you are passionate about and your life will have a meaning, you will never have to work again and you will be happy. Some lucky ones always knew what they want from life. However, what about if you are not one of them, you don’t have passion, nothing is interesting enough to you. Maybe it is time to stop trying and just accept that you are never going to be happy… Or maybe it is time to be curious. Curiosity is the best because it is simpler than passion. It demands one thing—that you are interested in something. No matter what it is, start exploring that.

When it comes to being creative and authentic and curious, there is always that little (and sometimes big) voice in our head warning us: what if, how, why, what will they say, who do you think you are… Fear. When we are doing something new and uncertain, fear will be there. Evolutionary, it is here to ensure our survival, so just accept it and keep pushing.


We are all creative, but we don’t all embrace our creativity because this means taking a step out of our comfort zone. But how can we turn down something that comes naturally to us and makes us feel happy and alive?

Stop reading and watching videos on how to be creative. You already have everything you need. What interests you at least a tiny little bit? Explore it and dare to be yourself!

Check out the video here.

Find the book Big Magic (which inspired this post) here.





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