My very own Hygge

In the video on my Youtube channel, I shared why Danish people are the happiest ones and how we can all be like them. The key is not only to enjoy life but plan ahead. How awesome would our lives be if all day every single minute we would know that something relaxing and enjoyable is waiting for us later on…

If you want to know more about what Hygge is, here is the video.

Here I decided to share some of my daily routines full of Hygge. They are easy and simple, yet fill me up with joy every day.

Every morning I read in bed. I read self-improvement books, literature that can help me improve, grow and learn more about myself and the world around me. While I read I cover myself with a blanket and I drink plenty of water. I don’t just read, I really experience the moment.

After reading I write my gratefulness journal. Basically, I write what am I grateful for and what would make today amazing. This allows me to focus on my objectives first thing in the morning. I share this amazing experience with my boyfriend, this way we help each other to make the day great.

Something I don’t do daily even if I would like to is massage my face. I learnt how to do the Japanese facial massage and I used to do it every day until I got bored. Now I am just doing it every second or third day, on the days I really want to do it rather than forcing myself. Not only it makes me relax, enjoy the nice smell and feel my body working for my, I can also see how my face is getting younger J

Every day after lunch we go for a walk. Sometimes in nature, sometimes to the shop on the other side of the city to combine useful and healthy. Some days the walk is really long while others it is only 20-30 minutes. But knowing there is a walk waiting for me in the afternoon makes me so much more energised and relaxed all morning.

Every evening before going to bed I read and write again. It is just so relaxing to curl up in the bed and grab a book, knowing the day is over and you have finished everything. You are done and there is nothing more to do than enjoying those last moments of the day.


Not every day, but at least a couple times a week I enjoy some kind of a warm beverage. This is either hot chocolate or tea. It makes me enjoy that moment so much more because I get to work while enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling inside of my body.

These are just the things I enjoy. If you are more of a beer person, make sure you have a cold beer waiting for you when you get home from work. If you enjoy running, make sure your clothes are clean and ready for you to hit the road. If you are a very social person, plan ahead and invite your friends over on a Friday night.

Remember, it is not just being in the moment and enjoying the little things, it is about planning ahead and knowing those moments are there waiting for you. This way you are excited all day!


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