We are not our emotions

Reading the book Search inside yourself blew my mind on many different levels. Emotions and how do we perceive them by default, compared to what they really are and mean, is just the first step to it.

Emotions are a basic physiological state. They appear in our body, we can feel the anger as our hands are shaking and we can feel fear when our knees get weak. We also feel joy when we laugh so much our stomach hurts. This is the proof that emotions are not psychological, they are physiological!

If emotions are just what I experience in my body, then feeling sad or angry is just like a headache. I feel pain but I can choose to control it or even ignore it. I can decide to still go out and go get some ice cream while I am in pain, as I know the pain will pass in a couple of hours or days.

It is the same when it comes to emotions. We can be sad but we don’t have to focus and act on it. We can do other things and simply wait for that emotion to pass. The more attention we give to that emotion, the more it will grow.

We are not our emotions. But let’s look at how we identify ourselves with our emotions.

We say I am happy, angry and upset. However, this is just the physiological state we are in. We are not sad or angry, we feel sad or angry because our body is experiencing physiological change at the moment.

If we are aware of that emotions eventually become what we experience in our body, so we go from I feel angry to I feel anger in my body.

I think this is a beautiful metaphor to know about yourself and to be aware of it every time when we experience negative or disturbing thoughts. It is all going to pass and we will be much better of if we consider them as the temporary state of mind, a dark cloud, which is going to disappear and maybe even bring us a rainbow.

Get your mind blown away as well with the book Search inside yourself by Chade-Meng Tan here.



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