When balanced relationship is failed relationship

The scientists were trying to determine the conditions of happiness and the discoveries are super interesting. They were measuring the quantities of the happy and sad moments in order to determine that. You would think it if there is 50 50 of good and bad we are neutral, not happy not sad. It turns out that when during the day we have 50 50 good and bad moments we feel extremely miserable. Even when the ration between good and bad is 1:2 we are still miserable. It is only when the ratio is 1:3 that we feel happy. So for a random person to feel happy on a subconscious and conscious level, he needs to have 3 good things happening to him to outcast the bad one. How crazy is that?


Well, that is not all. In a marriage the stakes are even higher. It is 1:5 meaning that we need 5 times more good things happening to us to compensate for one bad one. If our partner does 4 nice things but says one wrong sentence we are going to feel bad and our day will feel like shit. Talking about high expectations! Maybe this is the reason why there are more and more divorces, because we simply expect our partner to be more than perfect. Do we also expect so much from ourselves is another question…

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