How to enter the vortex and feel joy?

The biggest wish all humanity shares is the urge to be happy. We are very different and we look in different places—we go from job to job, relationship to relationship, travel, eat, try out drugs and sports. The thing we have in common is that we all hope the next thing we try out is going to make us feel good and happy.

We reach that state from time to time, but most of the days are just boring old routine and most relationships just drain our energy. Why do some people seem to always be in a good mood, while others just go from bad to worse day after day?

Law of attraction revolutionised the world and some strongly believe in it, others don’t. However, it is not really a law, is it? It is easy and simple; there is no big science about it. As long as you focus on the problem and the more you think about it, the more negative emotions you will experience and the more bad things are going to enter your life. We all have those bad days, when we lose our key, forget an umbrella, our boss yells at us and our partner is not in the mood to make love. The ice cream falls straight on our white shirt and we get a parking ticket. It is like a curse, the more we expect the bad things to happen, the more they happen.
How about if we focus on the solution instead of the problem for once? Let’s say the scenario is the same: we lose our key which gives us a good opportunity to go to our husband at work and borrow his—and we steal a kiss. We get a ticket, we look up and there is a really cute guy who also got a ticket—he invites us for a cup of coffee. The ice cream on the shirt gives us a perfect excuse to buy a new shirt we were admiring in the shop on the way to work.

It is so important to understand that it is not the situation that determines how we feel, it is our decision on what we will focus. Once we can do that (and I am not saying it is always easy), we are free! Nothing outside ourselves can influence our life and destroy our happy feelings. This is how we finally feel the freedom which is a true key to happiness.

Most of things that happen during our day are very neutral but we perceive them as negative. So make a deliberate decision to take them the way they are and not overreach about their meaning. When something really bad happens, our emotions usually take over and we are completely unable to fight them. For some hours, maybe days. After the shock is over, we can choose what will we focus on. The bad thing that happened or look on the bright side, find something good in the situation and learn from it?

It is your life and it is your decision. Just remember, it is YOUR focus that determines the quality of YOUR life. You are responsible and whatever you are living right now, it is you call.

The book Vortex by Abraham Hicks is an amazing book which can open your eyes on so many things. The video is covering just main ideas, but each of us can find so much more reading the book for himself.
Purchase the book and contribute to the channel without any extra cost here.


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